G.E.D. Testing Underway

The new year brought out an exciting new aspect of the program; G.E.D. testing!!! It’s about a month and a half in and already almost half of the class has taken and passed one or more of their G.E.D. tests. Good marks have upped morale form nervous to confident. Some students have scored over 100 points more than they had estimated! Talk about a pleasant surprise. And two of the corpsmembers have gotten their G.E.D!! Still many students are nervous feeling the pressure of being half way to graduation. Of corps members I spoke to only 5 were worried about their tests compared to the 7 excited to be passing this milestone. Looks like overall we’re hopeful and ready for whatever comes next.
On the technical side many of us are satisfied with the type of construction opportunities we’ve been given. YouthBuilders have gotten to apply knowledge of tools such as brooms, hammers, skill saws, drills and nail guns to name a few. Several of us have gotten to do trades like framing, HVAC, plumbing and electrical. To top it off measuring and math skills are on the rise and JRT is in full swing. Feeling so close to completion has sparked most of us to think about where our life path will lead next.
~Niabi Huckfeldt, YouthBuild

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