A Look Back on Orientation

My first two weeks of AmeriCorps have been awesome, and I can’t believe I’m already reaching the tail end of my third week. When they say time flies, they mean it. In fact, I find this to be especially true at Mile High Youth Corps (MHYC), as the first two weeks of orientation were full of logistics (the cans and cannots), meeting new people, and most importantly: Fun. In only three short weeks, my time here feels like it is opening up my world to a more meaningful way of life.

Prior to joining MHYC, I was in the communications world, where you might have found me working the 9 to 5 without any rhyme or reason. Now I am outside playing, meeting positive people, gaining leadership skills and simply enjoying my days. Moreover, thank goodness that this all worked out, as I must admit I was a wee-bit nervous.

But don’t get me wrong. MHYC has already challenged me to shovel “compost,” brave the cold at Canosa and sort rotten oranges (all humbling, fine forms of service of course). Thanks to the neat people at MHYC, however, I am happy to say that my leap of faith has turned a monotonous workday into something that I feel good about leaving each day. You know, the type of feeling you get when you know you’ve done something good.

This is why I am happy to report that I am enjoying the early challenges of the ACLC program. Whether it be discussing why I am here or where I am going in the future, these new experiences have allowed me to step outside of my “comfort zone” and look forward to a career path of local and international service. I see a meaningful path in my life, and I am happy that I took the leap to join MHYC to get to this special place.

And finally, I would like to share perhaps my most memorable orientation moment: Diversity Training. An exercise in which Tom set up BIG mousetraps across the floor as we navigated blind Corps Members across the course. Now if that does not sound challenging to you, you ought to try it.

Caution: Objects in pictures are more dangerous than they appear.
~Adriana Lopez, AmeriCorps Leadership and Conservation

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