How do you feel about Mile High Youth Corps?

We asked some corpsmembers last year how they felt about Mile High Youth Corps and here were some of their answers:
MHYC taught me:
•Teamwork benefiting the community
•Hope for the future
•To live with integrity
•To Serve the community
•To grow by giving
•How to save the world one flush at a time
•Change is good

MHYC has helped me:
•Build a consistent confidence
•To get back in the workforce and start deciding my future
•To be responsible, hardworking and learn new skills
•Make a change
•To know myself
•To flourish into a leader!
•To change the world
•Build up lives
•Change youth

MHYC helped me realize the universe of obligation.

Words to describe MHYC:
•Personal growth, communication, leadership
•GED, future, hope, change, knowledge
•Staying focused, a steady income, and a education

MHYC gave me:
•A gateway to new experiences!
•My Colorado catalyst
•My second change
•My best decision so far…

•“Opened my eyes”
•“Helped me grow”


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