18th Annual Cherry Creek Diversity Conference

Earlier this month, Denver Outreach Alumni Mentor Michelle and Colorado Springs VISTA Sylvia attended the Cherry Creek Diversity Conference at Cherry Creek High School. Over 1,000 students and adults gathered for a day of diversity events and workshops that promote diversity and understanding within and among students attending Colorado’s public and private high schools. Students heard from a keynote speaker, participated in discussion groups and two workshop sessions, and planned how they can make a difference in their own school or community.
We were really impressed by the number of students and their drive to increase diversity and understanding in their schools.

Photo courtesy of cherrycreekdiversity.org

Here’s what MICHELLE said about her workshops:

I got the chance to participate in two great workshops that left all the participants, including myself, thinking about diversity issues and how we as individuals can create solutions. My first workshop touched base on how judgment affects our communication skills. Our presenter began by letting the whole group judge her based strictly on appearance and personality. The group could not have been more wrong about our presenter, but through the process we learned how to recognize our judgments, accept them and then move past them to form a strong communication bond with each other. My second workshop was a great informational forum about PeaceJam, the work they do and how students from middle school to college can get involved. It was great to see so many students excited to start a PeaceJam club and start to create positive changes in their communities!

Photo courtesy of cherrycreekdiversity.org

SYLVIA’S first workshop was presented by SEEKING COMMON GROUND. The peace building tools they shared with the group really opened everyone up. The group quickly learned a lot about each other and seemed comfortable sharing about themselves. The second workshop shared a great social issue media resource: http://www.mediathatmattersfest.org the 12-minute films on this website can be used to inspire change in communities, schools and organizations.

Check out the conference website for more information! http://www.cherrycreekdiversity.org

Photo courtesy of cherrycreekdiversity.org

The map shows all the schools that participated in this great event!

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