Our names are Destiney and Sharmine. We are current members in Mile High Youth Corps’ YouthBuild program and we are working to obtain our GEDs and further our education. In this program we have had many different roles to help out in our communities. Four weeks ago students joined us who attend an organization called The P.A.C.E Program. We meet with them every Monday, so that we have the chance to share with each other the reasons we dropped out of our high schools.

During the time that we meet with the students, we get the chance to also do team builders, something that we here at Mile High Youth Corps use to build the trust and bond with each other. We talk about stereotypes and other very important issues that we are all facing today. We also try and teach them just how important our education is and how that is something that nobody else can take away from you. We have been honored to get this opportunity to meet with these young adults and hopefully we will have made a very important and positive influence in their lives.
~Sharmaine and Destiney, YouthBuild Corpsmembers


2 thoughts on “P.A.C.E at MHYC

  1. I am wondering if you have any opportunities for 15 year-old daughter? She is exhibiting risky behaviors and I want to help her open her mind to what her future needs to look like. I am desperate for help. If your program wouldn’t suit her, do you recommend one that could possibly help? I am a teacher and a single mom and can’t be there enough to give her all she needs. If she had a positive focus that was enticing to her, it could support her. PLEASE let me know what you come up with!

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