The Alumni Spotlight is on Mike Mullaley

Once a month, The Corps Conversation will highlight an alumni to see where they have gone since leaving MHYC. Our first spotlight will be on Mike Mullaley, an ACLC from 2010!
What are you doing now?
I work for the Student Conservation Association on a Trails Inventory and Assessment Team. We are partnered with the Fish and Wildlife Service and Federal Highway Administration to develop a comprehensive database on existing and new trails in wildlife refuges all over the United States. We spend three weeks out on a hitch visiting refuges in a specific area and use GPS units to map trails, their features and deficiencies.

What is your favorite thing at your new job?
Finding out where wildlife refuges exist all over the country and daydreaming about where I might get to travel to in the coming months (hopefully that includes Colorado and the Rocky Mountain Arsenal!). I also am excited to be working outside, learning about the Fish and Wildlife Service and searching for all the free spots to camp at. (By the time you post this I will be on my first hitch to New Mexico, Northern Texas and western Oklahoma).

Where are you living?
I live in Boise, Idaho, a mile south from Boise State’s infamous blue football field. The city is not large but, like Denver, offers lots of outdoor recreation with foothills 7 minutes away, mountains 30 minutes, and a river running through the heart of the city that possesses a running, walking and biking path similar to the South Platte River.

What do you miss about MHYC?
I miss the hands-on community service work that MHYC is all about. Since I will be traveling for 28 out of a 42-week job, working in remote wildlife refuges often away from city-life, I will not have the same luxury of calling one place a permanent home. When I am back in Boise, I will only be here for one week at a time before heading back out into the field. While I am excited about traveling and performing another aspect of conservation work, I will not have the same opportunities as I did in Denver, to get myself out in the Boise community and be a part of the inner-workings of the city.

Other things I miss: The cheerful, pleasant and supportive MHYC staff members; People giving me stick for driving and asking questions; stretch circles; the frigid Canosa temperatures; NINJA!; and, of course, the ACLC family of 2010!


One thought on “The Alumni Spotlight is on Mike Mullaley

  1. Excellent! I think it’s awesome Mike has stayed kind of in the same line of work. This type of blog gives current Corpsmembers (including myself) even more confidence that they can and will be for the best after being at MHYC, with the skills obtained during their time. Give us another update sometime Mike!

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