For this blog segment, we thought it would be helpful to give some application tips to those applying to our summer land conservation positions. Following is a list of six reminders when filling out an application at Mile High Youth Corps which should help to avoid confusion and to best reflect upon your qualifications.

1.If you have worked for us previously in the past year, your application process will be different. You will not be required to fill out the general application and should contact If you have worked for us before, but your term was in 2009 or earlier, please reapply to the general application on our website.

2.Remember your birth date! This field is often overlooked and is, in fact, one of the most important fields since MHYC’s Summer of Service positions are only open to applicants 18-24 years of age.

A worthy candidate following all of Derek's tips for filling out an online application!

3.Be sure to tell us the current status of your GED or High School Diploma. MHYC’s Summer of Service Programs can only take applicants who currently hold one of the two. You may also apply if you are enrolled in a course or program which is helping you to attain one of the two. If you are in High School or a GED program, please apply the answer “In progress”.

4.Before you apply for our Summer of Service Programs, please be sure that you will be available for the entire span of the work season. Our Denver office must ensure that employees can dedicate their time to work between May 18th-August 12th. The Colorado Springs office will also ask that employees are available between May 18th-August 12th.

5.Full applications are better applications. Do your best on the MHYC application to fill out every field. Check your answers to be certain nothing has been forgotten. Leaving fields blank will leave us less informed on your background and qualifications, which could ultimately result in branding you a less-desirable candidate.

6.Write complete sentences when filling out essay questions. We want to get to know more about you and your interests. In addition, telling us more about your background and interests will help us guide you to the program which best suits you.

With this wisdom at your disposal, the MHYC Summer of Service Application should certainly showcase your abilities and make for a smooth application process. Best of luck to all of you and we look forward to speaking with you!



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