YouthBuild USA: The Conference of Young Leaders

Two of our YouthBuild Corpsmembers attended the YouthBuild National Youth Leaders Conference in Washington, D.C. this month. Kenny Luckes and Sharmine Chapman joined a little more than 100 other delegates from other programs across the nation to discuss the national YouthBuild movement. Participants in the conference go to workshops and forums that focus on career development, cultural competence and healthy relationships.

During this time in D.C., the conference holds an election for participants to join the National Young Leaders Council. John Kerry’s staff, Toni Wilson from DOL, and White House staff representing the Council of Community Solutions were present to hear all the speeches given. Founder and President of YouthBuild USA, Dorothy Stoneman said, “The delegate from Denver blew everything out of the water, having written and memorized a marvelous speech and then delivering it in perfect tune with his audience.”
After giving his speech, our own Kenny Luckes was voted in to serve on the council! He will join other current students and alumni of the YouthBuild program to be the voice for all of the YouthBuild movement on a national stage. Congratulations Kenny and good luck!

Sharmine and Kenny and all their fellow delegates got the opportunity to provide information about YouthBuild and all of its positive qualities to Capitol Hill. Dorothy Stoneman was quoted stating that the 23rd Annual Conference of Young Leaders had, “marvelous representatives, who bonded with each other, with the YouthBuild movement, and won the hearts on Capitol Hill.” Seems from the pictures that Kenny and Sharmine had a great trip and left their mark for the YouthBuild community!

Listen to Kenny’s video blog to hear more about his trip and his experience with YouthBuild at Mile High Youth Corps.

Listen to Sharmine sing!! She has got an incredible voice!


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