Not To Be Forgotten

It’s been fun, it’s been a challenge, but most of all its been a journey not to be forgotten anytime soon.
When I first started at Mile High Youth Corps in February 2010, I have gained so much more than the technical skills that were promised. From February to July of 2010 I gained the skills to install a toilet, I met many cool people from many backgrounds, and received much needed constructive criticism to make me into a better corpsmember.

At the end of my first term, I looked back on my time and realized how much I enjoyed working at Mile High Youth Corps and decided to come back. I came back on the energy crew as a returning corpsmember and was a little nervous at first. I had to learn new things and I was a little fearful that I’d mess something up, but that’s normal and by the end of my first week I knew I had it.

On the energy crew we installed CFL light bulbs, showerhead, sink aerators and the all famous thermostats. We also, checked water heaters, refrigerators and insulation. The thermostat had to be the most intimidating thing for me, until I found out how simple it is to install one. As my second term was coming to a close, I thought once again about the skills I had gained, the people I had met, the challenges I faced, but most of all, the memories I made over those five months. I knew I’d miss it, if I left, so I decided to apply for a Senior Corpsmember position on the water crew.

When the New Year rang in, I came back to the water crew as one of their Senior Corpsmembers even more nervous than I was for my second term because I was in a leadership role. With a pocket full of skills, I still had more than enough room to fit more. This term as a Senior Corpsmember, Mile High has allowed me to gain more leadership skills, communication skills, and confidence.

With the term ending in a short five weeks, I keep looking back on my very first day on that February morning at Mile High. It had all began on the mezzanine with all the other curious faces, chatter, teambuilders, laughter, safety, and the history of Mile High (oh don’t forget about the paperwork during our orientation). I can say it was defiantly an investment that I don’t regret. I came to Mile High Youth Corps to gain technical skills and 16 months later have gained so much more than I first believed I would.

All and all I would like to thank Mile High Youth Corps for this journey and it will not be forgotten anytime soon.

~Rueben Pulce, Water Senior Corpsmember

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