A Voice Was Heard

A few weeks ago, I helped facilitate a Roundtable discussion with YouthBuild Corpsmembers. The Roundtable discussion was designed and sent out by the White House. It’s an initiative to engage youth in discussing and addressing issues that are going on in their community, and to top it off, the White House invited 10 young Americans to meet President Obama and his senior staff and present the Roundtable discussion talked about in their local communities.

I was chosen to represent the Roundtable that took place here at Mile High Youth Corps with YouthBuild Corpsmembers. YB CMs (that participated in the Roundtable) and I identified education as the biggest issue going on in the lower class neighborhoods. Since we were all high school dropouts, we figured that if we address the education system correctly then it will ultimately address other issues such as, cycles of poverty, gang violence, the job market, etc.

As a representative of Mile High Youth Corps, YouthBuild USA, and young people in Denver, I was able to present these issues and share my story with President Obama and the White House staff.

Message to the Youth: I encourage you to get your voice out there! You never know what will happen and remember someone is always listening.

~Xavier Jennings, Program Specialist, YouthBuild Corpsmember 2008

For more information on the round table discussions and Xavier’s trip to DC, please click HERE.

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