Back For Another Summer!

After a season at MHYC, many Corpmembers ask about coming back the next summer. Returning alumni are a huge asset to our crews and often have the opportunity to step into new roles with more leadership opportunities. Lynae Shepard joined MHYC’s 2010 Sawyer Fall Crew and this summer she came back for more saw work, but in a leadership role, as the Crew Mentor.

What is the difference between the work you did last year at MHYC and the work you are doing this season?
It is the same hard work as last season but this year I am a mentor, not only do I have to worry about the education I would like to receive, I have to worry about everyone else on the crew. I make sure we get the four hours of education needed each week and try to keep it fun so it actually sticks in our head. I enjoy the responsibility and knowing that I am trusted with being a mentor is great.

What made you come back and work at MHYC?
I came back to MHYC because last season I had a great time even though it was just the fall season I wasn’t there long but being out there and trying to making a difference. I wanted to come back and try to make another dent. It is a great experience something new, different and once the season was over I talked about it non-stop, about how much I learned, how much I did and I even tried to convince my younger brother in California to get into something like MHYC in California.

What is your highlight of the season so far?
I don’t know if I have a highlight just yet, but I am so happy to be in the crew I am in. The guys are great we get along great, we work hard and get the job done, I really can’t ask for more.

What are your future plans after this season?
I know I am going back to school, not sure if in Colorado or California yet I just know that I’m going continue to work at making a difference.

~Lynae Shepard-Colorado Springs Saw Crew


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