What A Great Year!

Our wonderful VISTA in Colorado Springs, Sylvia Sedrak, has left us for greener pastures!

Sylvia has spent the last year as our Outreach VISTA doing a phenomenal job getting the MHYC name out in the Colorado Springs and Southern Front Range communities in addition to building the capacity to hire all the wonderful CMs for our summer crews!

A little bit before Sylvia left, she and I went on an adventure to visit the Hayman Crews from Colorado Springs. With our backpacks, GPS, map and instructions from Ryan (one of our staff members), we were off on a camping adventure! We spent some time with both crews and learning more about the trail that they were building for the dirt bike visitors of the park. When the day ended we got to use our backpacks…. We were lucky enough to hike 2 miles to our camp sites. Happy, a little dirty, and exhausted from all the hiking we did during the day, we reached our camp!

What a great place it was too! The Hayman crews has created a great little community for themselves and welcomed us to join with open arms! We set up our temporary home and got into the camp life. Sylvia hung around the kitchen area and chatted with CMs, while I followed the trend of some CMs of finding a great place to sit and enjoyed my book for a little while.

After a delicious dinner of breakfast burritos and a couple of games of ninja we headed to our tent for a night under the stars. I had a great time camping and an even better time with Sylvia on our last adventure together! I wish Sylvia lots of luck in her future and can’t wait to hear about her newest endeavors.

Sylvia has embarked on her own adventure in Tel Aviv and you can follow her story on her blog at http://sylviasedrak.wordpress.com.

~Michelle, Outreach Alumni Mentor

I was fortunate to work closely with Sylvia this past year in her role as Outreach VISTA serving the Colorado Springs office. Sylvia made a lasting contribution to Mile High Youth Corps. Here is a snapshot of some of the work Sylvia did:
– Wrote a ton of blog posts
– Developed a video for the NTEN Digital Storytelling Contest
– Wrote e-Newsletter articles
– Made connections with nonprofit and government partners in Colorado Springs, Pueblo, and Canon City
– Developed and refined processes for effective recruitment and hiring of Corpsmembers

Thank you to Sylvia for all of your hard work and positive spirit this past year! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you.

~Al, Recruitment & Marketing Coordinator

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