Composting Comes To MHYC!

The ACLC program involves many components. One of these components is the capstone project we work on throughout the year. The group I am involved with, Adriana Lopez, Allison Boese and myself decided to bring composting to MHYC. We began back in March and have been working hard to get this program off the ground. We held multiple bake sales as well as a bagel sale in order to raise money to purchase the bins.

We have created a partnership with Denver Urban Farms and caretaker, Rick Garcia. Every two weeks, we collect our compost and drop it off at the farm. Multiple school groups as well as a 4-H club are able to use the resulting soil in their garden plots at the farm. Soil from the compost pile is also used by Feed Denver; an organization which helps feed people who can’t afford food on their own.

The following items can be composted in our bins:
– Uncooked & unseasoned produce (veggies + fruit)
– Coffee grounds
– Tea bags
– Grass clippings
– Eggshells
After a lot of hard work, we received the bins in the mail; it was a great milestone in our project and allowed us to start composting. We distributed the bins to the three locations and the agency began composting! Our group is still working out some logistics of the project, involving the pick-up schedule from the three MHYC locations, but overall things are going great! We hope the composting continues, even after our term is done!
~Adrienne Balsamo, ACLC 2011

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