The Mind Of A Pathfinder

Have you ever heard the saying, “you don’t know a person or what they go through until you step into their shoes?” Of course you have. So how do you do this for a team? Let me tell you. First, you will need boots (steel toe), a hard hat, and working gloves. Now, pick up a tool and prepare to carry rocks. This is the mind of a PATHFINDER.

With the grace of a ballet that we have learned, we venture from park to park performing projects that leave the land better then how we found it. BALLET?! Yes, ballet. A bonus during a unique session of Environmental Education (E.E.). With this job comes a great deal of E.E. Not only was the E.E. new information for us, but it opened our eyes to the real world and opportunities that lie outside places, such as Starbucks and even the bus.

As a team we’ve encountered a collage of tasks and obstacles, ranging from the construction of “bunny condos”, aka wild life piles, to our battles against the Dalmation ToadFlax. Another plant we battled was the Thistle Family. We have come to learn that picking thistles in the great outdoors is a brilliant way to engage in long, fun conversations and make new friends at MHYC.

It is now 1 pm. Just after lunch. So far, it has been a scorcher. The “Red Rocks” make it seem to be 110 degrees. As we pack slowly, getting ready to get back to the days work, this is a moment to take a deep breath and look around. If you were standing where we were today, your eyes would be filled with bright blue skies, giant white cotton clouds, tall ponderosa pines that enrich the forest with the scent of butterscotch, and of course, many rocks. This scenery being what makes the heat bearable.

It’s amazing what people can accomplish together. With our team strength to move dinosaur egg shaped rocks, we’ve been able to finish our 8 projects with plenty of time to spare. SPARE TIME is GAME TIME! Though we have found other projects to breeze through, we have adopted many games along the way. One of our favorite comes from our Crew Leader, Alex. The title? “STICK.” The cool thing is all you need is a stick 🙂
(A lot more fun than it sounds).

Be it food or games, we find ways to get through each day. Team chemistry goes a long way. Along with one other opportunity we have yet to talk about… I.S.P. Independent Service Hours (I.S.P.) is a plus. Not only do you get the opportunity to volunteer your hours to helping a community, but it’s also an excellent time to work on your farmer’s tan.

Above all, this is a day/life of a Pathfinder. Hey are you still there? Good, we could use two extra hands. 🙂

~Pathfinders Crew, 2011

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