Stories From the Springs!

Best Hitch of the season.

Howdy Ya’ll! My name is Matt I’m part of the Sawyer crew for MHYC. I thought I would try blogging and enlighten all the people on the internet as to what in my opinion made for a truly awesome hitch!

For starters—fun trees! Falling aspen and ponderosa pines is pretty enjoyable work compared to taking out junipers, Russian olive, and cottonwoods simply because they’re “normal trees”—no excessively large/cumbersome trunks, thorns, or cotton flying around.

Location, Location, Location! We were camped up near Woodland Park nestled against a small hill overlooking a scenic ridge and a small pond. Add to this Port-a-potty and a log cabin and you’re looking at the Ritz Carlton for camping spots!

Ice cream, Frosty’s, and Pizza Oh My! On all of our hitches our crew is always satisfied with our food menus—mainly because we have worked it down to a science: Nutella, Cholula, and Gatorade form an indomitable trifecta for satisfying taste buds. On this hitch though we were gladly surprised by extra treats brought our way as a token of our leader’s and project sponsor’s appreciation for all of our hard work. Those treats being Wendy’s Frosty’s as a Tuesday lunch bonus, 1 gallon of vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup/cookies as a Wednesday night snack, and 4 pizzas from Pizza Hut on Thursday as a second dinner (We already cooked our first dinner when the pizza miraculously arrived!)

Wonderful Weather. Despite being rained on almost every afternoon and evening, the days weren’t that bad heat wise and the nights pretty mild given our 9,000 ft elevation. Include being able to fall asleep to the pitter patter of rain, claps of thunder, and dancing of lightning across the sky and one couldn’t ask for a more conducive sleeping environment!

All of these reasons, plus our crew’s camaraderie and companionship made for a truly memorable week and one that I hope can be repeated in the future!
~ Matt Ferencz

Thus far, MHYC has mostly been an overwhelmingly positive experience for me. We work hard, we play almost as hard, we eat well, and all in good company. Sure, we hike a million miles a day, but that’s good for you and loads of fun. We’ve built about six miles of trail so far, and that fills you with a sense of accomplishment like you wouldn’t believe.

Of course observant readers will note the word “mostly” in the first sentence. For this, we’re going to need some vocabulary:

Cathole (n): a hole that, according to the leave no trace principles, you poop in so as to minimize you ecological impact.

So, there I am, in the bush, clearing away duff, minding my business, when nature comes a-calling. No worries though, it’s pretty simple to deal with. So I hike away, dig a cathole, and, you know, do my business. Then disaster strikes.
I stand up and the ground gives away beneath me. I throw my hand back, parkour-style, and, yeah, you guessed it. Right in the cathole.
Aside from that, though, some of the most fun I think I’ve ever had.

~John Biggs


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