A New Family At MHYC

Who would have thought that two weeks of orientation could be fun? I mean come on, how much could you cover in two weeks that couldn’t be done in one week or a few days for that matter? The answer to that question came swiftly on the first day as the majority of the time was spent filling out paperwork. Oh gosh, is this all it’s gonna be? But as I look back on the entire two weeks, the paperwork was hardly anything. A lot of the time was spent in engaging team builders that got us energized for the day as well as becoming familiar with our MHYC family.

There were also educational videos that gave a more in depth look into the purpose as well as the pleasure of being part of the conservation movement. We got to see how youth of similar age and stage in life were changing the world, one toilet at a time. I think it’s safe to say that orientation showed us the value of changing the light bulb in our heads and replacing it instead with one that flowed more efficiently.
The next step was trying our hand out in the field. We went to a private school where we were able to see and participate in pulling dead toilets and setting high efficiency ones in their place. It is completely free for the clients whose buildings qualify and at this particular place; the principle of the school rewarded each of us with a gift card. Granted, this won’t happen every time, but on the first day out in the field it felt good to know that what we were doing would be appreciated and even if a time comes where it isn’t, we can always look forward to the fact that what we’re doing is helping conserve our natural resources.

On the last day of our orientation, we went to an urban farm where we did a service project with the other programs at MHYC, each person servicing in a different area and way. In the first week we were told that we would have to do service projects on top of our work, and going to this farm enabled us to experience more of what it’s like serving the community.

As of now, we are a few weeks into the program and the opportunities presented to us during orientation are finally coming into play. We were told that what we put in is what we’ll get out, and with so many available resources at hand and people eager to help, how could we not do so? I look forward to the days ahead and spending them with a new family that I have found at MHYC.
~Joel Johnston, Water Crew

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