RidgeRunners: A collection of thoughts and photos

The summer is over and the RidgeRunners have finished up their last project. Their projects this summer have varied greatly and so have the project locations. They planted trees in Brighton, mitigated weeds and removed invasive Russian Olives in the Rocky Mountain Arsenal and Two Ponds National Wildlife Refuge, and honed their trail and fence building skills in Evergreen.

The summer was challenging as the RidgeRunners have worked tirelessly in 100 plus degree temperatures during their ten hour days. This hard work has not come without reward though; RidgeRunners have received visits from local news stations and newspapers, visit from both Congressman Perlmutter and State Representative Ramirez, as well as a visit from Colorado Youth Corps Association board members. Needless to say, their hard work did not go unnoticed!

With over 400 field hours completed per person this summer, the RidgeRunners have been able to make quite a difference in Denver communities. From the small “Thanks!” received from passersby, to visits from politicians, (and even a barbeque thrown by the Evergreen sponsor,) the summer has been well worth while!

Thanks to all the RidgeRunners this season for your hard work and we hope to see you back for the fall term!
~Words by Lindsay and Pictures by David, ACLCs ’11

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