From the Roads of Life Brings the Class of 2012…

For most of this program there have been a lot of factors to bring this class together. Through The Life maps Activity, we shared our own personal experiences and discovered that we have a lot more in common then we knew. This shared experience helped us see and relate to what other team members have been through.

Over 40 people were selected from many applicants; we had gained a chance to show what we were made of in Mental Toughness. PT was one that would push us to limits many didn’t know they could meet. During this time, we received CPR/First Aid Training to show them we were ready for emergencies. In addition, we learned the steps to having a safe job/construction site through OSHA Training. After Mental Toughness we 36 stand strong ready to make ourselves and our communities better.

Since we’ve begun this program, we have been dividing our time between shop and school. Out of those selected, we’ve been divided into The Youthbuild groups of The Artisans and The Mechanics. These groups alternate between the shop and the classroom. Every week we’re either in the classroom working toward our GED or in the shop working on our construction skills. Now with all that we have gained and will be gaining, we are ready to pull through the program, with our GED and all the skill we have gathered. One step more ready for life despite the highs and lows (more highs hopefully)!
~TeQuael Walker, YouthBuild CorpsMember ’12

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