In the Summer Sunshine

The weather in Denver is becoming more and more unpredictable. With September ending and October gaining speed, I expect to see leaves changing, feel cool breezes coming through and sense a crispness in the air. These are the things I have come to expect from my fall growing up on the East Coast, but I am here now. And Colorado offers us longer days with more FAR MORE sunshine, and you know what? Who could ask for more!?!

Colorado gives the summers a couple extra weeks that only few in the country are lucky enough to have! Our summer work is over, but the sunshine and 65 degree + days are constantly reminding me of all the good memories that the last couple of months gave me. Let’s take a second to forget that school started, swimming pools are closed and BBQs have been put away, and instead remember the most recent Colorado summer.

All photos were provided by an incredible day at the end of summer to celebrate the work MHYC CMs did in the field and to have a little fun! Our winners of the Olympics were CO Springs crew, H1N1, who beat out everyone in the tug of war and mini contests throughout the day.

What a great look back on the summer… The Aspens are changing in the mountains reminding us that an even better fall season is still ahead 🙂

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