Did you hear that!?

Finally, fall is here!!!! And do you know what that means!? Ghosts, goblins, vampires and zombies will soon be roaming our streets AND our special event will be happening soon. This year promises to bring your two favorite things together…. MHYC AND GHOSTS!

We have enlisted Paranormal Investigator, Kevin Sampron, to lead a tour around the mansion identifying some paranormal evidence. I asked him to give a little more information to prepare us for what we may be in for:

The SpiritPI Team

My name is Kevin Sampron and I am the President and Founder of Spirit Paranormal Investigations. I created SpiritPI in 2005 after capturing the voice of my deceased Mother answering a question posed graveside. That proved to me beyond the shadow of a doubt that spirits do exist and we have the means to communicate with them. SpiritPI has performed many paranormal investigations at historic haunted Mansions, Libraries, Restaurants, Homes, Museums and Clubs throughout Colorado and we have captured some amazing paranormal evidence. We are experts at capturing ghost voices otherwise known as Electronic Voice Phenomena or EVP’s and have an amazing collection. At Halloween, SpiritPI provides fun and informative presentations and private ghost hunts in some of Denver’s most famous locations so be sure to join us if you dare! People always ask me what the most incredible thing that has ever happened to me while hunting for ghosts. I have had many experiences including hearing disembodied voices and screams, ghostly footsteps, and I have even been touched several times by unseen hands! My favorite paranormal event occurred while investigating the Highlands Ranch Mansion. There is the ghost of a child that roams the hallways and one night during an investigation I felt a strong tug on the back of my shirt. It felt just like a child trying to get my attention. When I turned around and saw that nobody was there I immediately put my arm out and asked to take my picture with the ghost. Several pictures were taken and in just one you can see a white glowing anomaly floating right in front of my outstretched hand!! You can see that picture and other great evidence at our website located at http://www.SpiritPI.com

Want to attend? BUY TICKETS NOW!


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