The View From My Driver’s Side Window

Well virtual friends, it is time to say farewell. My second year of AmeriCorps has come to a close and I thought I would take some time to reflect and try to capture all my memories in a short little post.

As I look back on my first year, as an ACLC, a smile always comes across my face. I left college, traveled across the country and moved to a new city that I had never been to before and this is where I found a home. With the friends I made, the adventures I got to go on and the impact I made on the Denver community, I felt a new sense of calm that I only associate with comfort. I never imagined that a job would provide me with a family when I was so far away from home. To my fellow 2010 ACLCs, reread the notes we wrote to each other in our last week, if you still have them….. I guarantee a smile to appear. If not well, remember the laughter, the care free days, the adventures and a memorable year.

My time this year has been spent more in the office, not a part of a crew anymore, but more of an island meant to share with the community about MHYC life. Although, I missed being part of a larger group, I truly enjoyed my independent work and my ability to create my own projects and goals for the year. I leave this year with a sprinkling of new friends and a greater passion and drive to remain in the non-profit sector.

A lot of my time was spent in my car, driving from our office, to job fairs and out to see the crews in the field. It wasn’t until the most recent snowfall that I realized how beautiful the scenery is from the window of my car. I got to drive through the foothills to visit our crews in Golden Gate, the sky line of Denver from our federal location and most impressively a full view of the Rocky Mountains from the bridge leading to our warehouse location on 8th and Canosa. So lucky to have those views through my office window 

Thank you MHYC for two great years filled with leadership, growth, side splitting laughter, life long relationships and most importantly, experiences.

~Michelle, 2011 Outreach Alumni Mentor


One thought on “The View From My Driver’s Side Window

  1. Thank you so much for your service Michelle! It is hard to imagine not having you as a part of the team!

    And – you are so right about the beautiful sunrise views of the mountains from the 8th Avenue bridge.

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