Janari McCampbel: MHYC-CS 2011 Corpsmember of the Year

Mile High Youth Corps in Colorado Springs is proud to name nineteen-year-old Janari McCampbel as our Corpsmember of the Year. “JJ” is a Colorado Springs native, has been with our Corps for two Summer-of-Service years, and has earned education awards totaling $2,415 to date. He is now a freshman at Pueblo Community College majoring in Automotive Technology.

Janari’s corps career began on a day crew in 2010. Mile High Youth Corps was his first job. He came wanting to do something “physical” and putting his passion for restoring the environment to use. With some good, early coaching from a Crew Leader who saw his potential, he began to immediately improve his performance, learn new skills, and take on more responsibility; he has never looked back. At the end of the 2010 season, Janari “exceeded expectations” in all areas of his evaluation. His crew leader reported, “JJ works hard at all times and motivates others to do the same. He is a constant positive force.”

In 2011 Janari again applied to work on a day crew. Unfortunately only Camp Crew positions were available and wilderness camping was new to Janari and his family. They had many concerns about him accepting a position where he could be camped in the backcountry for up to ten days at a time. But Janari persevered in his wish to try a camping crew and convinced his parents to let him try. In a much more challenging environment, he continued to thrive and lead. His Crew Leader described Janari as someone who “self-initiates tasks and always volunteers for more; someone I can count on.” Janari says the corps experience has had, “a very positive effect on my life.” However, everyone knows that Janari has a very positive effect on the corps too.

Janari McCampbel: MHYC-CS 2011 Corpsmember of the Year

For more information on the awards ceremony (Feb. 6, 2012), please visit www.CYCA.org.

Youth Corps Awards Ceremony Invitation

Or for a PDF version of the invitation: YouthCorpsAwardsCeremonyInvitation


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