MHYC Receives Award in DC

As you may have learned last week from Nancy Wilson’s blog post on the Post to Parks Project, MHYC was recognized recently for one of our summer land projects. The Corps Network invited MHYC CEO Kelly Causey to Washington, D.C. to receive the award. We asked Kelly to tell us about the experience.

“Accepting a national project of the year award from The Corps Network was humbling and extremely satisfying. What an honor it was for MHYC to have a land conservation project recognized from among the other incredible projects completed by corps across the country. In our twenty year history we’ve conducted more land conservation projects than any other type of service to our community yet our energy and water conservation projects have been the ones to stand out among the national network of corps projects. That is, until our Southern Front Range field office, only two years old (!), changed that.

Last summer MHYC-Colorado Springs partnered with the National Park Service on their ‘Post to Parks’ initiative at the Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument. Seventeen youth from Ft. Carson families joined our crew for a four day educational adventure at the national park and it was a super experience for all involved. In addition to enjoying the interaction with the Ft. Carson youth, Troy Furhman and the park staff were outstanding project sponsors. Troy flew to Washington, DC to join me in accepting the award and to highlight the importance of engaging military families in projects like this.

Awards were given on the Hill in DC and I had the chance to join other Colorado corps staff in meeting with Senator Michael Bennet, who is supportive of our accomplishments. Congratulations to Nancy, Ryan and the rest of the Southern Front Range staff and Corpsmembers for this incredible accomplishment!”

– Kelly Causey, Ph.D.

Troy Furhman and Kelly Causey, Ph.D. accept the Project of the Year Award from The Corps Network


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