AmeriCorps Works Here!

Here at Mile High Youth Corps, we live and breathe “corps culture”.  For those who never served with an AmeriCorps program, it can be a bit overwhelming to join our team and start learning the AmeriCorps vocabulary.  And, sometimes those of us who are AmeriCorps Alums forget that “ed award”, “stipend”, “N triple C”, and “vista” aren’t parts of everyone’s regular lexicon.

For MHYC staff, the corps means different things to different people.  However, there are a few common themes that seem to ring true to everyone – working at a place where the mission aligns with our values, promoting a team-based culture in the workplace, and remembering to have a little fun every once in a while.  And of course, the sense that we are part of a larger AmeriCorps community.

That’s why when we heard about AmeriCorps Alums’ “AmeriCorps Works” campaign, we jumped at the chance to promote how AmeriCorps Alums work and get things done at MHYC.  Aside from the great work of our Corpsmembers (who are all AmeriCorps members, too), many of our staff are Alums.

Here is a brief sampling of the AmeriCorps Alums that continue their commitment to service through work at MHYC.  View more photos of our staff and alums on facebook, and add your own!

Derek B

Derek is an alum of MHYC's ACLC program and now works as our Community Relations Coordinator. If you know an 18-24 year old who needs a job, Derek is your man.

Kara and Melissa are MHYC-Denver's AmeriCorps VISTA members.

Tom is an AmeriCorps*NCCC Alum and MHYC's Program Manager: Education & Training. Tom also coordinates fun staff activities like our annual March Madness Tournament.


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