MHYC: Living on a Budget

Last month our VISTA in Colorado Springs, Kate, gave some great tips on how to live within her AmeriCorps VISTA budget. This month, we’ve asked a Corpsmember and Assistant Energy Crew Leader, Robin, to give some insight on living on a Corpsmember budget. Here’s what Robin had say:

“Living on a budget is tough, but it is doable.

Since I began working at Mile High Youth Corps, I have grown accustomed to managing my money better and adjusting to the living stipend. Before working here, I had another job where I was paid weekly. I was able to keep some spending money and still put some into savings every month. Going from that to a living stipend with AmeriCorps has taught me several ways to better control my budget and watch my spending. Here are just a few of my tips to help you make it work on a Corpsmember budget:

  • Eat smarter: Pack you lunch every day instead of always going out for fast food. Also, don’t be scared of leftovers! You can always bring some of last night’s dinner and heat it up for a quick lunch.
  • Keep an eye on your utilities: Don’t spend money you don’t have to by leaving lights on around the house or taking extra-long showers.
  • Curb your spending: Use coupons! It may seem like something for the elderly, but believe me, coupons come in handy.
  • You can still have a good time: Although a lot of places to have fun can cost a pretty penny, there are a ton of things to do around town for free. Check out a free day at the museum or aquarium or go play Frisbee in the park.

There are plenty of ways to live well on a Corpsmember budget. The secret is to keep an eye on your spending and cut unnecessary costs. You can still have fun and eat well while covering all of your basic needs and utilities. You don’t need to cut out all of your spending, just spend smarter!”

-Robin P.
Assistant Crew Leader, Energy

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