MHYC Provides Energy Efficiency Services to Colfax Businesses

You probably know that MHYC helps Denver-area residents reduce their energy consumption, but did you know that we work with local businesses, too? Our new(ish) GreenFAX program is a collaborative sustainability outreach effort led by the four business districts and associations along Colfax Avenue in partnership with the City and County of Denver’s Denver Energy Challenge.

MHYC GreenFAX crews are helping small businesses and property owners along Colfax Avenue identify opportunities for energy and cost savings through the following FREE services:

  • Xcel Energy Lighting Audit – Taking a count of all the lighting fixtures that qualify for rebates and free replacements through Xcel Energy
  • Denver Water Audit – Auditing toilets to  see if they qualify for a free high efficiency replacement through Denver Water.
  • Outreach Support – Canvassing with materials promoting the Denver Energy Challenge’s GreenFAX Program.
  • Energy Efficiency Upgrades – Installing programmable thermostats, high-efficiency lighting, LED exit signs, weather-stripping, door sweeps, faucet aerators, and kitchen spray valves

And, we’re making a difference.  Businesses are seeing dramatic reductions in their energy costs through these efforts.  As Mr. Feivel Gallard of Congregation Zera Abraham explains,

Our usage of lighting has gone down 25 percent after changing the light bulbs in the synagogue. It’s a very generous energy program that the city provides. We couldn’t afford to do it without all the savings from the rebates. You often hear about government programs being wasteful, but this was all benefit and no waste.”

Members of MHYC's GreenFAX crew prepare for a day out in the field.

So, next time you are on Colfax at the Fillmore Auditorium, Hollywood’s Barber Shop, Pinche Taco Bar, Brilliant Blooms, or any of the dozens of businesses our GreenFAX crews have serviced, take a look around.  You’ll know a business took part in the Denver Energy Challenge anywhere you see a window decal with the program’s logo. The changes may be subtle, but the impact is tremendous.

For more information on the Denver Energy Challenge, visit

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