Leadership Council Elections

At the beginning of each term, we give Corpsmembers the opportunity to nominate and elect their peers to MHYC’s Leadership Council. This is a group made up entirely of Corpsmembers to act as a liaison between staff members and the crews. Leadership Council works to implement policy changes, host and coordinate events like Career Day and our Halloween party “Boo-Yah,” and relay information between Corpsmembers and staff.

In January, three crews began their terms at the same time and when we mentioned the opportunity to take a leadership role in the organization, many Corpsmembers jumped at the chance. The prospective council members were asked to prepare a letter of intent, a letter of recommendation, and also a short speech which they would deliver at the monthly Community Meeting. Corpsmembers on each crew voted for who they wanted to represent them.

Below is a video compilation of the winning representatives’ speeches:

The newest Leadership Council members have been hard at work with the rest of the team since March and we are incredibly excited to have them on board. Joining us from the ACLC crew are Gabe, Casey, and Emily, from the Energy crew we have Jack and Jackie, and our new representative from the Water crew is Brandon. They will be joining the representatives from YouthBuild and the Leadership Council Advisors in working to “Build individual Corpsmember strengths to ensure Corps success.”

Best of luck to our newest representatives!

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