Meet Renee!

Renee Werthwein, the new (and really awesome) administrative assistant at MHYC - Colorado Springs. And please note that this is a personal photo of hers. She normally sits at a desk in our office while she works.. we don't keep her in a cave.

Renee Werthwein is the new administrative assistant at MHYC – Colorado Springs and will likely be the new voice you’ll hear when you call. Her 12-week position will be paid through the Pikes Peak Workforce Center, so we’re sending a big ol’ “thank you” to them. Renee is originally from New Jersey, but moved to Colorado for a fresh start in May 2011, after visiting family out here the previous December. Her favorite things about Colorado so far are “the weather and the beautiful mountains.” She also enjoys being near family members who have also made Colorado their home. “Best move I’ve ever made!” she exclaimed with a smile. Renee has been extremely helpful during this heavy recruitment time by answering many phone calls, performing application pre-screens, and keeping all documentation very well organized. We’re very grateful for her!


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