Beetle Kill: Recycled Uses

As you know, our sawyer crews in Denver and Colorado Springs remove tons of trees every year, and I mean literally tons. So what happens to all of these trees we cut down?

Well, a very large portion gets recycled and the trees are used to make a whole host of things, from furniture to toys and even houses. Here’s a quick look at some of the fun, alternative uses for beetle kill wood:


Certainly the most traditional use of trees, lumber is a huge part of recycling beetle kill pine in Colorado. Beetle kill wood has a blueish tint because of a fungus secreted by the beetles. While it looks different on the outside, it is still structurally sound and can be used in framing and home construction. Not to mention it provides much-needed work for local lumber mills and cuts down on transportation costs. For more, check out this article on Jetson Green.


The blue hue of beetle kill wood is a welcome change for some Colorado furniture makers and many customers are jumping on board as well. Traditional wood furniture gets a eye-catching upgrade courtesy of the Rocky Mountain pine beetle. You can spot beetle kill in everything from tables and chairs to bunk beds, entertainment centers, and book shelves. You can find the piece above and more at Alpine Furniture Co.


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Beetle kill wood doesn’t stop at lumber and furniture; some of Colorado’s finest craftsmen are turning out beautiful wood bowls, wine racks, kitchen magnets, and coasters. Many local woodworkers sell their products, like ones we’ve featured, on Etsy.

For more beautiful uses of beetle kill wood, take a look at these articles on TreeHugger and The Denver Post.


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