Keeping Colorado Fire-Free

If you’ve seen the news at all this summer, then you know all about Colorado’s ongoing battles with forest fires. More and more residents are being evacuated this week as firefighters battle a blaze in High Park, west of Fort Collins.

Whenever you see the worried residents or fire fighters struggling in the heat, you can’t help but ask yourself, “What can I do to help?”

Well, we ask ourselves the very same question and each summer, our land conservation crews spring into action all over the Front Range to perform vital forest fire mitigation work. This summer, the Trail Blazers from Denver along with the Bobcats from Colorado Springs will be working throughout the hottest and driest months to thin forests and to remove dead and dying trees, which are usually the first to catch a spark.

While these crews are working to prevent new fires from spreading, the Hayman Crew from Colorado Springs will be returning to the vast Hayman Burn Area to help with important restoration projects. Our Hayman Crew will be working with the Coalition for the Upper South Platte and the Rocky Mountain Field Institute to control erosion and return the forest to their pre-wildfire state a full ten years after the devastation.

(Mile High Youth Corps featured at 8:36)

While our crews are out working in national forests and state parks to mitigate wildfire risks and restore damaged lands, here are several things you can do to help.

  • Move any stored firewood & clear any dead and dense vegetation from at least 30 feet around your home.
  • Limb trees up to 10 feet off the ground and remove any branches that hang over your home.
  • Keep grasses as low as possible.
  • When camping, never leave campfires unattended and always drown your fire 100%.
  • And of course, follow ALL fire bans and restrictions for your area.

Please be careful this summer and remember: Only YOU can prevent forest fires.


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