Top 10: Summer Sights

Today’s post is guest authored by Julian and Cristal of the Path Finders.

Working outdoors in the summer definitely has its advantages: a great workout, a sweet farmer’s tan, and an office with an unbeatable view.

We work in some pretty amazing places during our Summer of Service program and we’d love to share the views with you so we dusted off the old photo albums and put together a list of the Top 10 Summer Sights!


Matthew looks out over the Hayman Burn Area near Lake George


Our land crew building trail at Green Mountain Park


Who says a beautiful summer sight can’t be our own Denver skyline?


A saw crew out of Colorado Springs make a rainbow connection at Chico Basin.


A summer Corpsmember looks down the hillside into the beautiful Colorado backcountry.


Another summer Corpsmember relaxes by one of Colorado’s many amazing lakes.


Two Corpsmembers head up a back road to their campsite. What an amazing landscape!


The 2012 Ridge Runners pause for a group photo near the Hayman Burn Area.


A Corpsmember looks off into the distance across the forested back country with the Rockies rising in the background.

and the #1 amazing sight from our Summer of Service crews is…

Our 2012 ACLCs hike into Boulder’s world-famous Flatirons for Leave No Trace training.

Thanks for taking a look and we hope you enjoyed the Top 10 Summer Sights! As long as there is beautiful Colorado country to work in, we’ll be there building trails and snapping a few pictures along the way!

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