Project Spotlight: City of Pueblo Mural

August’s Project Spotlight is the City of Pueblo!

Corpsmembers spruce up a corner of Pueblo with fresh paint and vibrant designs.

For years now, Mile High Youth Corps – Colorado Springs has served seven counties in the Southern Front Range, including Pueblo County. This year though, with the help of the Colorado Lottery, MHYC was able to make a more permanent presence in the town. In June, eleven young adults were hired to form the very first MHYC-Pueblo crew.

The crew, consisting of all local, Pueblo young adults, has been doing work for both the city and the county all summer. Their labor has consisted of corridor clearing along the Arkansas River Trail (Russian olive and more), sign installation, trash removal, and trail and step construction.

Some of the crew takes a break from building steps near Lake Pueblo.

The most artistic project though, has been mural painting off of the Arkansas River Trail. The crew was assigned to beautify a once very plain spot in the city. Designs became intricate and creative, though most were easy to reach. When it came to covering a very large wall with water at its base, the crew busted out ladders and a harness.

Corpsmembers support one of their crew as he dangles from a harness, similar to a rock climbing set-up, to work on a mural.

The painting of a large Colorado flag mural can be completed only with ropes and a harness.

After the harness helped to complete the Colorado flag, a ladder is set up for the more accessible, yet not easy-to-reach areas.

If you’re ever in Pueblo doing something outdoorsy, there’s a good chance you’ll see this crew. Feel free to ask them what they’re up to this week – they’re not shy and they won’t bite! Although they may be wielding shovels and sledgehammers…

Corpsmembers leave their mark on Pueblo.

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