Operation Graduation: Pueblo

The Steel City Crew poses with their Crew Leader, Ron, for one last picture of the season.

On Friday, August 3, the first ever MHYC crew of Pueblo officially completed their work season. Between June 4 and August 3, 2012, the crew of young adults worked hard in seemingly endless heat to conserve and restore parks, trails, and open spaces around their hometown.

Corpsmembers work a wood chipper as they clear overhanging brush from a trail.

The crew earned a total of $11,740 in education awards and had a 91% completion rate. Throughout June, July, and August, they worked outside for a whopping 38 days in over 90-degree heat; 14 of those days were over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

The crew spreads mulch, that they chipped, around trees in Pueblo.

As far as project outcomes go, the Steel City Crew did phenomenal work all summer. In Williamsburg, they maintained and installed 50 wooden steps and removed 20. Around Pueblo, they picked up 171 bags of trash, painted 300 square feet of a mural, and abated 250 square feet of graffiti along the Arkansas River.

A few Corpsmembers make sure MHYC is a permanent fixture in Pueblo during their mural painting work.

Please join us in congratulating this crew – the first of its kind in Pueblo – for the fantastic work they did this summer. Another special ‘thank you’ to Abel Tapia of the Colorado Lottery, for helping to make MHYC Pueblo possible! Plans are already unfolding regarding a crew for 2013 Summer of Service. Stay tuned!

Learn more about their mural painting project here.

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