YouthBuild USA’s Post-Secondary Education Conference

Last month, Mile High Youth Corps was proud to host YouthBuild USA’s National Schools Initiative /Post-Secondary Education Conference. Representatives from organizations all around the country came to Denver for three days to take part in this conference and learn more about our YouthBuild program and its emphasis on post-secondary education (PSE).

During the conference, over 100 guests enjoyed a number of educational sessions and workshops on topics including soft skills, the future of the labor market, leadership, and positive youth development.

Corpsmembers were also given the chance to speak and share their inspiring stories. Corpsmembers spoke candidly of their own personal struggles to find work without a solid educational foundation and shared their progress in the program so far.

After hearing from some of the Corpsmembers, attendees took a tour of one of our YouthBuild work sites. Corpsmembers led small groups around the site to explain their roles in the construction process. Corpsmembers offered valuable feedback to the representatives of other YouthBuild organizations about what parts of the program are effective and which parts are not.

The important topics discussed at the conference will help all YouthBuild affiliates across the country, MHYC included, improve our education programs and send more young people out into the world with a stronger desire to succeed in the workplace and the classroom. Thanks to everyone in attendance at this year’s fall NSI/PSE Conference and we hope to see you all again soon!

For more information on the National Schools Initiative, YouthBuild USA, or post-secondary education programs, click here.


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