Make a Difference Day 2012

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Make a Difference Day is a “National Day of Doing Good” and this year Mile High Youth Corps had the opportunity to create the largest representation of sheet-mulching completed to date. Corpsmembers began their day learning about the importance of the 23rd Avenue Exit Project and learning what role they would play in the whole process. The projects’ goal was to aesthetically improve the area and reduce accidents due to the overgrown weeds along “The Strip” and “The Triangle.” The Corpsmembers role was in the second stage of the project. They were tasked with the “heavy lifting”, sheet mulching portion. The Corpsmembers had to first lay manure over their entire sections and then cover it completely with cardboard, and finally another layer of manure. Every Corpsmember had a tough job from shoveling the manure into wheel barrels, carrying the heavy manure all the way up the exit hill, and laying the manure and cardboard. They worked hard for hours in the cold all while being sure to stay safe along I-25. It was an impactful experience for the Corpsmembers to be a part of something so important that will be enjoyed by half a million people each day who pass through this area.

If you would like to read more about this project and Mile High Youth Corps’ involvement check out the Story in the North Denver Tribune.

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