Celebrate our Newest MHYC Alumni!

As we wrapped up the end of another 10 month term of service for our AmeriCorps Leadership & Conservation program, we said our farewells to an outstanding group of ACLC’s . As we celebrated the wonderful commitment each of these youth made to service we wanted to share some of the amazing outcomes as well as excepts from ACLC Corpsmember, Gabe Buzinski.

2012 ACLC's Graduation Photo

2012 ACLC’s Graduation Photo

2012 ACLC Crew Outcomes

  • Ridge Runners- 6 miles of trail constructed in the Hayman burn area
  • Path Finders- 13 miles of trail constructed and maintained
  • Rock Climbers- 50 acres of noxious weeds removed/1,584 feet of fence constructed
  • Trail Blazers- 11,722 trees cut down
  • 85% of the project work completed will last more than 10 years.
  • Each seasonal CM received on average 48 hours of education, with a grand total of 1,344 hours of education
  • ACLC’s earned $66,600 in AmeriCorps Education Awards!

AmeriCorps Leadership & Conservation Graduate: Gabe Buzinski

“We have all grown throughout this term. We’ve grown as leaders by developing a direct and thoughtful voice for our crews; caring for the best interests of each other while managing the best interests of our projects. The confidence in each of us has grow from expressing meager ideas and soft-spoken thoughts to well argued opinions and decisive choices.

We have approached our entire term with youthful energy that has forced people to re-evaluate their stereotypes of 18-24 year olds. We have completed every toilet install, every thermostat replacement, and every inch of trail with professional diligence. Even when the bathrooms were dirty and the toilets dirtier, or the temperature was over 100 degrees and the project seemed never-ending we were able to come in every day with the passion to work for what we believe in, the passion to make a difference, and the passion to serve.

Until today we were corpsmembers at Mile High Youth Corps; we were within this chapter of our lives. But today we have become alumni of Mile High Youth Corps. Alumni of the ACLC program. This certificate of completion that we will receive represents more than a term of service, it represents a successfully completed program, the achievement of all that Mile High Youth Corps expected of us, and most importantly the achievement of all that we expected of ourselves. We came into this year with big goals for ourselves and for each other, and I honestly believe that we’ve surpassed them all. We’ve become who we hoped we would, and it’s now time for us to move on.

Wherever it is that we move on to, I expect all of us to take things away from this term. Whether it is resilience, empathy, perseverance, or passion what we have learned this year will make a difference. As alumni we have an opportunity to pursue our lives in the same way as we have our experience as an ACLC. By approaching our lives – wherever they may be – with the same energy, the same diligence, and the same passion we can and will affect the lives of others, with no doubt in my mind, in a significant, meaningful, and positive way.”

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