Congratulations & Good Luck 2012 Fall Water Crew!

As we shared yesterday, the end of the fall term has come and gone. In addition to the 2012 ACLC’s we also had to say goodbye to many of our Water Crew Corpsmembers. As we celebrated the wonderful commitment each of these youth made to service we wanted to share some of their record breaking outcomes and part of Water Crew’s own, Danielette Griffin’s speech.


2012 Fall Water Crew

2012 Fall Water Crew Outcomes

  • The crew serviced over 1,000 homes
  • Installed 1,242 toilets.
  • Saved 8,600,000 gallons annually, the equivalent of 13.4 Olympic swimming pools

Fall Water Crew Graduate: Danielette Griffin

“I wasn’t sure what to expect when I began at Mile High Youth Corps. I joined in 2011 which was a pretty big recovery year for me. Two years prior to me learning about MHYC; my mom had passed away. My emotions were raging. How could this happen? Why me? I had so much pent up anger that I started to isolate myself from everything. My mind was cluttered with so much confusion and I wasn’t able to see a clear path, I felt like I was roaming around like a mindless zombie. Near the end of 2010, a friend told me about MHYC and its programs. I decided to apply for the energy program and got the position of Corpsmember.

 This was actually nerve wrecking for me, because the position required that I learn a variety of new technical skills while simultaneously re- learning how to be sociable with people. I hadn’t really interacted with people outside of my family for a few years. The description of the Energy program made it clear that I was going to be communicating with co-workers and clients, which made me realize that I needed to bring my A-game.

I served on the energy crew for a year and a half being promoted each cycle with an advanced leadership role. These experiences definitely taught me a lot of skills, including how to adapt to ups and downs and communicate with the diverse people of Denver.

I feel confident that all of the knowledge and skills I have gained here at Mile High Youth Corps will help me to impact others for years to come. Before coming here, I wasn’t environmentally conscious and didn’t realize the impact I could have on my community. Now, service is a consistent part of my everyday life. MHYC also taught me several different personal skills that I know I will utilize forever, from effective communication, to problem solving, and leadership skills. I’ve gone from leading no one to being able to lead a diverse group of 24 Corpsmembers and effectively delegate tasks. To me, MHYC promotes youth empowerment and environmental and social awareness and I’m glad I was able to positively impact the environment through our work. 

Harvey Fierstein once said, “Never be bullied into silence, never allow yourself to be made a victim, accept no one’s definition of your life, define yourself.”  I feel so fortunate that MHYC has allowed me to define myself, which has allowed me to spread my wings and soar over a world that I now see with new eyes.”

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