Looking back on the Water Crew

As their term draws to a close, Water Crew wanted to share their thoughts and reflections on the last few months of service. Here’s what a few of them had to say:


“MHYC is definitely one of the best experiences anyone could have throughout their lives! My favorite memory of working on the Water Crew is working with all the ACLCs and making friends with everyone.” – Jamie



“I have built so many great friendships in a short amount of time. I have made some real connections and met great people to network with and expand my professional contacts.  I have also had the chance to expand on my photography skills and have been recognized for my contribution to MHYC.” -Ryan



“What I’ve gotten from this term was the best experience in my life so far. I’ve learned all sorts of different things I didn’t even know about, like personal growth or how to challenge yourself in new and different situations.” – Kelsey



“Besides all the new friendships, I have really appreciated learning about all the environmental issues that face us these days. I will continue to serve because it is my responsibility as a member of society and the human family to help those less fortunate.” -Brandon



“There’s just so much I’ve learned from this term. I never realized how much we’re impacting our environment. It has been a privilege for me to become part of a bigger picture that’s trying to help our planet as well as our community.” -Rueben


Christopher, Alex


Thank you Water Crew for your incredible work this term! It has been a record-setting term, installing 1,242 high-efficiency toilets in over 1,000 homes in just FIVE months! We all look forward to seeing the returning Corpsmembers back again in January and we wish our graduating Corpsmembers the best of luck in the future!

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