Corpsmember Resolutions!

Just before graduation in early December, we asked the Water Crew to look ahead into the new year and share their New Year’s Resolutions! Here are the 10 best:

10) To get my body right and start eating healthy!

Eat Healthy

9) To be successful in my next term at MHYC.

8) To continue with environmental conservation and educate others about it.

7) To have my own apartment this year.

6) To use my money more carefully. Budget plan here I come!


5) To continue in my personal growth!

4) To find a job after the term ends and stick with it.

3) To stay in touch with all the graduating Water and ACLC Corpsmembers!

2) To take all I have learned this year and carry it with me.

and the top New Year’s Resolution of the Water Conservation Crew is:



I mean really, did you expect anything less?

Happy New Year from MHYC!

Happy New Year!

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