Congratulations are in Order! (Part 1 of 3)

This year Mile High Youth Corps (MHYC) has been honored to have three of our Corpsmembers be selected as Corpsmembers of the Year.  Corpsmembers are nominated by their peers and MHYC staff for this designation and then go through a rigorous process to become candidates for State and National Corpsmembers of the Year. Mile High Youth Corps has two Corpsmembers who will be recognized at the state level and one Corpsmember will be recognized as a national Corpsmember of the Year.

Danielette Griffin, from the Denver region and Christian Ndushabandi, from the Southern Front Range region, join eight other youth corps awardees from around the state to receive recognition at the Colorado State Capitol on Monday February 4, 2013 at the Annual Youth Corps awards ceremony. Christian has also been selected as the Youth Speaker for this big day.

Our third awardee is Jesse Roehm. Jesse has been selected to represent more than 30,000 Corpsmembers across the nation as a National Corpsmember of the Year. Jesse will be recognized in Washington D.C. during the annual The Corps Network National Conference the week of February 11, 2013. Jesse will visit with Senators and Members of Congress as well as participate in sessions and workshops as an active participant, providing his unique story and ideas to help support the national Corps movement.

Over the next three weeks we will be sharing the impact that our three Corpsmembers of the Year have had while at Mile High Youth Corps.

Danielette (Daniel) Griffin

(Corpsmember of the Year from MHYC’s Denver Metro Region)

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All of our Corpsmembers come to Mile High Youth Corps looking for something, and all of them come with their own life story and perspective. Daniel Griffin was no different. Faced with some big changes in his personal life, Daniel came to Mile High Youth Corps in January 2011, as a quiet and shy young adult who had a hard time interacting with new people.

Despite the personal challenges that Daniel faced, he always made the most of his Corpsmember experience. He worked tirelessly to push himself outside of his comfort zone and get to know the members of his crew and the staff at MHYC. Daniel used the leadership opportunities that MHYC provided to find a leadership style that worked for him and in turn resonated with the members of his crew. One of his peers said, “Daniel taught the team that everyone has the ability to shine.”

With his new found confidence, Daniel was promoted to assistant crew leader, was selected to participate in a 40 hour BPI weatherization training and represented MHYC at a Youth Summit Conference in Washington, D.C.

Throughout Daniel’s four terms with MHYC he exemplified what it is to be a member of the Corps. His ability to share his passion and his personal and professional growth with his fellow Corpsmembers made his whole crew and all of MHYC stronger.

Daniel had this advice for future Corpsmembers, “I would say that you shouldn’t do this type of work for the money. You should do it for the lasting relationships that you will make and the impact that it will have on your community. You will come away from this experience with some of the best memories you will ever have.”

Congratulations Daniel! You have made an impression on everyone you have come in contact with and are truly deserving of this award!

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