AmeriCorps Conference of Young Leaders: Spotlight on Eloy Martinez

Mile High Youth Corps is proud to announce that Eloy Gonzalez-Martinez and Lawrence Pham have been selected to attend the AmeriCorps Conference of Young Leaders in Washington, D.C.  March 18-21.  Before they left on Monday, Eloy gave us some insight into what he’s feeling:

It’s Friday, March 15th, 2013, and I am so excited because we are leaving for Washington, D.C. soon.  I am really happy and nervous at the same time.  I’m nervous about the fact that I’ve never been on a plane before, but with everyone’s encouragement, I feel like I’m ready for whatever is coming.  After joining Mile High Youth Corps, I’ve realized the potential that my teammates and I have.  I’ve had to step up to the plate so many times, giving tours and speeches with YouthBuild.  Going to D.C. should be no sweat, but I am human, so I am extremely nervous.  I guess I will always be nervous.  I’m just glad I’ve conquered my fear of doing new and important things.

On another note, I’m extremely excited to go to D.C.  I’ve personally never been to D.C., but everyone that I’ve told, including Corpsmembers, tell me great things about it.  They’ve even told me places that I should check out.  In particular, I’m excited about the restaurants.  As soon as one of them said there was a buffet, I was sold.  It made it sound like a dream come true.  It’s even more exciting when we start talking about all the different people we’re going to meet.  I’m fascinated to learn about other students’ environments and the differences between our program and others outside of Denver.

But, before I get to learn about new people, I first have to make it through the plane ride.  Some people told me some tricks to stay calm if I’m too nervous.  Others say it’s like riding a roller coaster.  Some tell me to get a window seat, because it looks like the land is nothing but squares.  I think that’s awesome because who wouldn’t want to see the world from the sky?  Overall, I’m extremely excited.  I can’t wait for this great and fun experience.

Stay tuned to hear all about Lawrence’s experience when they return!

AmeriCorps Week 152

Eloy with Lt. Governor Joe Garcia

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