Top 10: Interview Tips

As we approach peak hiring season here at MHYC, we thought it would be fitting to offer some helpful interview tips.  Check out the top 10 tips contributed by MHYC Staff and Corpsmembers :

10. Do your research!  Be familiar with the company’s mission, history and values.

9. Ask questions about the company and position.  You are interviewing them as much as they are interviewing you!


8. Be 10 minutes early.

7. Know yourself.  Be able to turn your weaknesses into something positive.

6. When asked for an example, tell a story.  Everyone loves a good story.

5. Dress for interview success.  The first impression you make on a potential employer can make a big difference.

4. Listen carefully to each question asked. Pause and collect your thoughts before answering. Don’t be afraid to have them repeat the question.

3.  Practice interviewing.  It will help give you a framework for your responses.


2.  Take the time to say thank you. Not only is it good interview etiquette, it reinforces your interest in the position.

1.  It’s ok to be nervous. Breathe and do your best!

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