MHYC Crews Tackle Different Projects

Two of our crews at Mile High Youth Corps have been working on some interesting projects outside of their typical work schedule!

The Water crew, which installs efficient toilets and aerators in low-income households, has spent the past several weeks working in small groups on their Independent Service Learning (ISLP) projects.  Each group has a particular area of service on which they concentrate, whether it’s the environment, youth development, health and disabilities, or animals.

Last month, the ISLP groups worked together to research different volunteer opportunities within their focus area.  On Friday, March 22nd, the groups spent the morning giving their time and serving their communities.  They mentored high school students on different prospects after graduation, made arts and crafts with children at Children’s Hospital Colorado, did environmental projects at Red Rocks, and helped out with a local animal shelter.

The groups are currently seeking out new opportunities for their second project, to be held late next month.

Troineshia gives her non-profit presentation for her teen counseling organization, The Heart of Alice.

Sarah and Izzabella create Easter crafts with kids at Children’s Hospital Colorado.

At the beginning of their term, our YouthBuild Corpsmembers were presented with a challenging project:  working alone or in pairs, to come up with their own idea for a non-profit organization.  This non-profit would address whatever community issue they felt most strongly about.  Corpsmembers were tasked with developing a budget, a staffing structure, and a plan to reach their intended audience.

The YouthBuild Corpsmembers created a wide array of non-profit organizations that aimed to do everything from helping the homeless to providing teens with free counseling services to working with teenage girls to improve their self-esteem.  Corpsmembers presented their ideas to rest of the Corps and to the MHYC staff.  Perhaps they will go on to create the very organizations they developed here!

MHYC Crews Tackle Different Projects

Vincent and Dae’Mon present their non-profit organization idea, an after-school recreation center for kids and teens.

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