MHYC Colorado Springs’ Crews Continue Recovery Efforts for Waldo Canyon Fire

Last year’s Waldo Canyon Fire was one of the worst Colorado has ever seen. It destroyed a then record-breaking 360 homes and burned over 29 square miles of land, causing damage in excess of $352.6 million.  The 2012 Summer of Service crews in Colorado Springs were able to help evacuees from the fire; this summer, the crews are focused on helping to fix the damage.

Corpsmembers have worked on several projects in the Waldo Canyon Burn area.  They installed Log Erosion Barriers (LEBs) along steep slopes on Rampart Range Road.  These LEBs act as mini terraces, as they reduce erosion and help new grass to grow.

Crews are currently working with the City of Colorado Springs in the Blodgett Open Space, helping to get the area re-opened as soon as possible.  The sawyers have been cutting hazard trees and felling trees for LEBs. They have also been preparing and cutting trail corridor so that the Trail Crew can go in to maintain and rehab several miles of trail in the next several weeks.

The MHYC Colorado Springs crews will be working in the Waldo Canyon burn area in some capacity all summer long, and they have already been contacted about deploying crews in the Black Forest Burn area for restoration this fall.

One crew posed for a picture before they began their day...

One crew posed for a picture before they began their day…

...and after.

…and after.

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