YouthBuild Graduates Complete Summer Bridge Program

The 2013 Summer Bridge program which ended on July 18th is designed to help YouthBuild graduates ease into the college atmosphere through partnership with Community College of Denver.  There were nine students who participated in the eight week program this year, engaging in both Math and English classes that will prepare them for college level courses.  Students also had access to several workshops that helped familiarize them with all the campus services offered.   Lawrence Pham, a student in the program, gave us his thoughts on the experience:

Summer Bridge has been helpful because it’s a class full of people that I already know, so I am comfortable in my learning environment. The professors are very kind and helpful and give you full attention when needed. They really go into detail about what you need to learn and why it is important. They spend one-on-one time with you so you can stay on top of your game. While in class, people from different departments come and talk to everyone about all kinds of opportunities that lie ahead. Talking to these people can really make or break you in the long run.

When I attend class every Tuesday through Thursday, our PSE (post-secondary education) manager always reminds us of assignments that are due. The classes give you a feel for real college courses with assignments and homework. The professors are really out going and are easy to communicate with. Attending Summer Bridge is fun in my opinion, and it has really helped prepare me for college.

Lawrence recently started another term at MHYC as the YouthBuild Alumni Mentor.  In this 11-month leadership position, he will work closely with the new YouthBuild Corpsmembers supporting them in the classroom and on the work site.  He will be attending CCD in the fall.

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