A new Water and Energy Crew joins MHYC!

On July 8, MHYC began orientation for a brand new group of Water Crew Corpsmembers.  The Water Crew focuses on installing high efficiency toilets, shower heads, and aerators in low-incomes homes around the Denver area.

After two weeks of orientation, the Corpsmembers got to go out into the field for the first time last week.  They have spent several days at a retirement facility, putting in new toilets for the residents.  I was able to speak two of them, Colin Hoffman and Nelly Madrigal, this morning, which is their last day at this particular site.

What was the best part of training?
Colin: I really liked the free form flow of our training.  They asked us what we were interested in doing that day.  It made it so that everyone could get extra help in what they needed–there were videos for people who were visual, or you could practice the same technique with someone who understood, whatever.  It worked really, really well.

What’s been your favorite part of your first week?
Nelly:  I haven’t done too much installation.  I’ve mostly been focused on putting the toilets together.  I really like it, though.  it’s not something I ever thought I would do!

Has your first few days out on the job been what you expected?
Colin:  Pretty much.  We’re still figuring things out and working on our communication skills as a team, but we’ve been getting a lot accomplished.
Nelly:  Yes, I feel like the trainings really prepared me.

What are you looking forward to in the future?
Colin:  I am looking forward to finishing up this big project and working on doing single family homes.

The Water Crew is off to a great start already, and everyone at MHYC is excited to see what they will accomplish by the end of their term in December!

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