SOS Olympics: Corpsmembers bring their A-game

Summer of Service officially comes to an end this Friday.  As always, we’re going out with a bang with crews going head-to-head in the Summer Olympics!  Crews will compete in three different challenges including a banana relay, Wiffle ball toss and pass through the hoop competition.  There will also be points awarded to best team “flag” where Corpsmembers design a poster representing their crew and a spirit bonus awarded to the crew who exhibits the best cross-crew sportsmanship.  Olu, an SOS Alumni Mentor and 2012 Olympics competitor, told us what he was looking forward to this year:

The Olympics is the only thing each and every crew truly prepares for through the course of their term. It’s a fun, great time to see other people from other crews and to get to know some of the Corpsmembers from the Colorado Springs office. I’m definitely looking forward to all the fun games that are happening this year as well as the delicious food. Go Trailblazers!

Sean, also from the TrailBlazers, gave us a wrap-up of his experience this summer:

As the end-of-the-year Olympics loom ahead, I’ve taken a couple of moments to reflect on my Summer of Service here at MHYC. From the towering pines of Berrain Park in Conifer to the Russian Olives of Bear Creek, our crew camaraderie and drive to perform has never wavered. I will miss the lunchtime joke sessions and mix tapes in the car, as well as the smell of bar oil and fresh cut pines. But I know that I have made lasting friendships here, ones that will follow me for the rest of my life. Looking forward to the Olympics, I know that we will perform our best, but win or lose, we stand strong together.

The Summer Olympics will conclude with a barbeque and awards presentation.  A big thank you to each of the crews in Denver and Colorado Springs for all of their hard work this summer!

And don’t miss these videos of our crews getting ready for the Olympics!  Watch the videos here and tell us–who do YOU think will win?

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