MHYC Colorado Springs Helps to Reopen Blodgett Peak!

The Waldo Canyon fire started on June 23, 2012.  Before it was declared 100% contained on July 10, 2012, it managed to burn a total of 18, 247 acres (29 sq mi) of land and consume 346 homes, causing the evacuation of 32,000 residents.  It was the most destructive fire in Colorado history until a year later when the Black Forest Fire burned down over five hundred houses.

Last week, Blodgett Peak opened for the first time since the fire began fifteen months ago.  This is the first area of the burn scar to be reopened to the public, and the restoration was due to joint efforts of multiple entities, including our Mile High Youth Corps Colorado Springs crews.  The MHYC crews helped to fell trees, install erosion control devices, rebuild trails, and prepare the property for public use.

According to Jeff Webb, grant writer for the city, “This never could have happened without MHYC.  It would have been several more years before we could have hoped to accomplish this.  We are so grateful for the outstanding work of the MHYC crews.”

Click here to watch KRDO’s coverage of the reopening!

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