The first annual MHYC Amazing Race

Last Friday, Corpsmembers participated in Mile High Youth Corps’ first annual Amazing Race competition. Teams were made up of Corpsmembers from YouthBuild, Energy and Water Conservation and Fall Forestry. The tasks included a chainsaw assembly relay, a blueprint reading relay, a poster design contest, an aerator installation relay, a physical training relay, and a personal protective equipment relay. The event was aimed at fostering relationships across crews and giving Corpsmembers insight to the different types of projects within each program. Each task required teams to communicate and work together. The physical training relay was especially difficult where Corpsmembers had to complete a series of push-ups, sit-ups and burpees. It was a testament to camaraderie as the teams cheered for each member to push through the challenge. Noreen Ahmed, YouthBuild VISTA and team leader, said, “It was great to see everyone on the team encouraging one another. They really wanted to see every person do their best.”

Team Sage won by a nose with only 20 points separating the first and second place teams. Their prize: the beautiful MHYC Amazing Race trophy. It was a day of fierce competition, but more than that, it was a day of bonding with other crews, learning to work as a team, and conquering new challenges. We’ll leave you with some of the positive feedback we heard from Corpsmembers after the event:

“The competition aspect was awesome. It was all in good fun, but in making it a competition, everyone really brought their A-game.” – Mike, Fall Forestry

“I enjoyed getting to know new people.  Now, when I see other crews around, I can go go up and start a conversation.  I also got to assemble a chainsaw.  Never done that before!” – Josh, AmeriCorps Leadership and Conservation

“What was great about the Amazing Race is it allowed everyone to show their project-specific expertise. Each activity played to a different crew’s strengths. Every person got the chance to be a leader.” – Patrick, AmeriCorps Leadership and Conservation

It looks like the Amazing Race will be a new annual tradition at Mile High Youth Corps!  And don’t miss the live action footage here.

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