Corpsmember Story: AmeriCorps Leadership and Conservation

Winter graduation is fast approaching!  With only four weeks left of the term, Katie Helm, an AmeriCorps Leadership and Conservation (ACLC) Corpsmember, takes a look back at her 10 months with MHYC.

Within the past ten months I have met the most inspiring people, made a huge difference in my community and experienced personal growth.  We began last winter.  My crew and I spent our days educating the public on water and energy saving measures by replacing inefficient lights, aerators and toilets with high-efficiency ones.  During the summer I worked ten hour days, in 100 degree weather, with 11 extraordinary people alongside me.  Together, we built muscle cutting down invasive trees, built character hauling branches through water and up slopes, and built friendships during those sweet lunch breaks in the middle of the day.  There is a bond that can only be made after experiencing these challenges together.

As an ACLC, we were encouraged to recognize our strengths, identify and improve upon our weaknesses, and continue to set new goals for ourselves to accomplish throughout the season.  My year at Mile High has definitely been a turning point for me.  It is beyond rewarding to see the product of all your hard work at the end of a project.  This term of service has helped me to determine my career path, introduced me to the resources I need to achieve my goals and the right people to advise me.  I can’t think of a better way to have spent the past year.

Katie and two other ACLCs, Jordan and Patrick, during a land conservation project.

Katie (left) and two other ACLCs, Jordan and Patrick, take a photo break during a summer land conservation project.

Interested in being an ACLC?  MHYC is now hiring for 2014!  Read the full position description and apply here.

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